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The International Peace and Art Center

Dedicated to Peace and Harmony through the Arts
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2  p.m., Sunday, June 4, 2017

Tova Ricardo, Poet

Join Us for a Celebration of Poetry & Spoken Word

Refreshments:  rsvp by June 2 .

Tova Ricardo is Oakland's 2015 Youth Poet Laureate and a senior at Bentley High School.

Young, gifted, and with a vision.

Tova began writing poetry in 6th grade and fell in love with the way that words and characters tie together

to spark emotion and controversy inside the reader. Tova soon realized that her first loves were literature

and poetry, and knew that she had found the one place where she wouldn’t have to conform to society’s


The meeting of pen to paper allows Tova to claim her freedom of expression and

the emotional terrain that surrounds the construction of human identity. Issues of

race, gender, sexuality, family dynamics, community, and social stigma crackle

like electricity throughout Tova’s work.

Introduction by poet, educator, activist, and community leader, 

Daphne  Muse 

 our 2015 IPAAC presenter.

An additional presentation 


1st. Annual Community Action Award  

Orpheus S. L. Crutchfield

RSVP - questions or compliments, 

contact Carol A. Swainson or Stevens Jay Carter at

We provide an atmosphere that facilitates an agenda of peace and harmony through the arts. We offer

workshops, exhibitions, performances, classes and training programs with an end goal of fostering well being and

positive human interaction.

November 26, 2016 International Peace and Art Center


will celebrate it's 6th anniversary with a special workshop!


The International Peace and Art Center is proud to host

Unearth Your Passion and Pursue It

by Sharon Swainson

President of My Support

November 26th

Sat, November 26, 2016

1:30 PM – 3:00 PM PST

hit the link  to sign up today!!!!!


About the interactive seminar

End the year by tapping into your passion! Seriously, isn't it time you unearth your passion so your life is more fulfilling? If you are ready to dive in and clean out the cobwebs to find your inner gem of desire, then RSVP to this seminar!
Spending each day doing something you love is important for a healthy mind, body and spirit. Furthermore, following a passion allows you to enjoy a fulfilling and happy life.
So if there’s something you have always wanted to do, but have never done ... or are trapped working in a field of no interest ... or have numerous interests and are unsure what to pursue, then this seminar is perfect for you.
Join this interactive seminar and learn how to discover and enliven passion, while developing strategies to pursue it.

The International Peace and Art Center

Our Mission:

to provide an atmosphere that facilitates peace and harmony through the arts. We offer workshops, exhibitions, performances, classes and training programs that foster well - being and positive human interaction.


hit the link  to sign up today!


                                   Just added.......a wine tasting  -  during a special after workshop viewing of art and music!

International Peace and Art Center

Labor Day Showcase and Tent Sale

12-6pm, Saturday, September 3

12-6pm, Sunday, September 4

Supporting peace


promoting harmony through the arts.

Featured Artists

Stevens Jay Carter, Donna Coleman 
Hampton Olfus Jr, Cori Pillows, and Whitney Love Sevin

Featured Furniture by

Interior Designers

Gallery Tour and Talks at 5pm Each Day

For questions or compliments, contact Carol Swainson at

Celebrate International Peace Day on September 21st!

Congrats to
Ruel Bernard

Ruel Bernard 's presentation

Sow the Wind and Reap the WHIRLWIND COMING of AGE in WOODSTOCK

his readings of his memoirs

was a major success. A full House!

Ruel is an ideal candidate of what we like to present at the center.

1.humble ! hard to make the world a better place!
3. Talented !
4. Under recognized !
5. Shares the human spirit that crosses all cultures and all races!
6. Super creative !

Ruel shared his experiences, his travels and community service projects as 

they were the  results of his upbringing as a child from Woodstock.

His reading captured a full house for 2 hrs straight as the audience was captivated 

by his reading. From what he read his book will be a huge hit.

The International Peace and Art Center. is delighted to be a part of Ruel’s growth..

black and white photos by Scott Braley @

with Ruel Bernard.
Presenting at the International Peace and Art Center
March 21, 2015
7 – 9 PM...

Oakland Author, Activist, Radical Educator and Carpenter
Ruel Bernard
Will read selections from his forthcoming memoir
Ruel says he came into this world double lucky-lucky to be born with a reckless curiosity and lucky to
grow up in a family and a community and a time in history when that was not only tolerated but
Sow the Wind is the first of a three book series tracing Ruel’s path from his youth as an out of control
teenager finding his own limits in his hometown of Woodstock, New York in the sixties, to Puerto Rico,
the refugee communities of war – torn Guatemala, Grafton Peace Pagoda, the Akwesasne Mohawk
Indian Nation and the mountains of Ecudor, where for nearly twenty-five years he has lead groups of
teenagers in solidarity projects.


Our mission foster well-being and positive human interaction through the arts.

The new season is here!

Young student's vision !


265 29th Street   Oakland, CA

Yes!     -    we are listed in


San Francisco Cultural Calendar 2014: The Best Art Events and Festivals for Every Month



The Cultural Trip from London




 our newest Parasol



Parasol for Peace by Bay area artist  Fleurette Sevin, 




Bay Area artist     -     Fleurette Sevin 


our previous event



Kenny B music!









We look forward to receiving your studies!


100 Parasols for Peace

...Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on the 21 of September.

The General Assembly (UN) has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace,

both within and among all nations and peoples. The International Peace & Art Center will observe this

important day with its inspiring exhibition Parasols of Peace: an installation of nearly 100 parasols

created by artists, poets, activists, and writers from around the world. Participating artists

include Daphne Muse (Oakland), Stevens Jay Carter (Oakland), Patricia Caselles (Corsica),

Donna Coleman (Oberlin), Luis Peralta (Washington, DC), Jim Abbey, (Oakland) and more. This event is in collaboration

with Ten Days of Peace sponsored by the Oakland Peace Center. 

100 Parasols for Peace

International Peace Day

September 21st annually

Preview Spotlight

Parasol by Jim Abbey, Oakland, CA








Our Fourth Event



The International Peace and Art Center
Daphne Muse's closing remarks
Ode to Jazz






Program guides are available  at  

Store/program guide

as we move forward we welcome you to join in

with our efforts to make the world a peaceful and

 art filled place!

The International Peace and Arts Center
510.225.9173 ext. 1
265 29th Street
Oakland, CA 94611