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The International Peace and Art Center

Dedicated to Peace and Harmony through the Arts
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We provide an atmosphere that facilitates an agenda of peace and

harmony through the arts. We offer workshops, exhibitions, performances,

classes and training programs with an end goal of fostering well being

and positive human interaction.

Our history
founded in 2010, the center is the vision of Carol A. Swainson and Stevens Jay Carter, a vision where peace
and harmony is and should be a way of life embedded
in a world filled with art!
Carol's bio.
Stevens Bio
Verbal  testimonials
Sometimes that dream deferred is fulfilled and on Saturday, I saw one of mine realized. Since 10th grade, I’ve wanted to pick up my axe and do a gig with a group of musicians. Only problem is, I play no, absolutely no instrument. Then a light bulb went on and recently I realized my words/my poetry are my axe. I was invited and encouraged by visual artist Stevens Carter and educator Carol Swainson to perform my spoken word jazz suite at the International Peace and Art Center which they co-direct. Carol and Stevens were captivated by a tribute I wrote to Alice Coltrane that aired on public radio in 2007. 
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